Titanic Dog to the Rescue

Answers to questions for conversation and comprehension

1.  He ran on the wide decks, sniffed the fresh paint, and stared at the huge funnels.

2.  He was a water rescue dog, could swim a long time in cold water, and he was strong.

He made a good companion.

3.  He was friendly and liked to play. He was happy when the children petted him.

4.  He liked to eat the bones and meat the officers fed him. He liked sleeping at the foot of the

bed on a blanket. He liked to play with the children. He liked to run on the decks.

5.  It was quiet and he didn’t hear any other noises so he dozed. He awoke when he heard loud voices &       saw water flooding the hallway.

6.  Women and children were climbing into lifeboats and the men were standing aside.

Then the deck tilted and water flooded the deck.

7.  He saved a little girl and some other people from drowning.

8.  He kept barking louder and louder. He swam so the Captain could see him.

9.  Answers will vary.

10. A legend is a story that has been passed down over the years and may or may not be true.

Answers will vary about whether the legend is true or not.

If True: Common for Newfoundland dogs to be taken on ships. They are large and have an instinct for water rescue. They can swim in cold water a long time. They have saved hundreds of people from shipwrecks.

If False: No proof that Rigel was on board the Titanic. Would the Captain of the rescue ship be able to hear a dog barking?


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