Titanic Dog to the Rescue

Questions for Conversation and Comprehension

1.  When Rigel came aboard the Titanic, what did he do to show that he was excited to be on a brand new ship?

2.  Why do you think that Officer Murdock and the other officers wanted him on board?

3.   Even though Rigel was large, what qualities did he have that made the children like him?

4.  What were three things that Rigel did on board the ship that showed he was enjoying himself?

5.  Why did Rigel go back to sleep after he heard a noise? What woke him up later?

6.  When Rigel ran onto the deck, what did he see that surprised  and frightened him?

7.  As the Titanic was sinking, Rigel swam away. Even though he couldn’t find his master, how did he help

people while he was swimming?

8. When the rescue ship Carpathia arrived, how did Rigel alert the captain to notice the unseen lifeboat?

9.  Compare Rigel to another dog, either your own dog or another dog you know. Explain how  they are

alike and different.

10. The story of Rigel is a legend. Find out what a legend is and decide if you think the story

of Rigel could be true. Explain why or why not.

Things to do: Write about your favorite part and tell why you admire Rigel. Write a story about a dog you know. Read more books about the Titanic.


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